(FFM48) Michael Goldstein: How Startups can Find Corporate Partners

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Michael Goldstein: In 30 Words

Michael Goldstein is a serial entrepreneur, investor and founder of SwitchPitch. He’s built and sold startups before, mostly to large corporates. He’s now helping early stage startups connect with valuable enterprise partners.


Michael Goldstein: Introduction

Michael Goldstein is a serial entrepreneur, investor and founder of SwitchPitch.

One of the biggest growth areas in the startup scene today is connecting large corporates with fast growing startups. Corporates need the innovation, culture and know-how that startups possess. Startups need the resources, access and credibility that corporates bring to the table.

In theory it’s a win-win relationship, but quite often these two worlds speak different languages. That’s why Michael Goldstein developed switch pitch – a platform to help bridge these two worlds.

If you’re looking to partner with an enterprise firm, looking to sell your solution into a large corporate or just trying to get your head round how these companies think and behave, you’d do well to listen to the next 40 minutes with Michael. Here’s a guy who’s spent his life on both sides of the table, and as a sales guy he’s spent a career navigating the structures of corporates looking for deals. So, right here on Founder FM, we’re going to get a low down on how you too can short-cut those lengthy sales cycles and get to the source sooner, and with a whole lot less heartache.

Michael Goldstein show notes