(FFM19) How Jason Zook Made $1m Wearing a T-shirt

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Jason Zook

Some entrepreneurs are just really good at asking for money. I wish I was more like them in some ways. I’ve interviewed a few on here already like John Lee and Anita Wing Lee (no relation). Asking for money is a great skill to have. It means being able to raise money for your startup, sell a product, or get your friends to try out a new service. However you apply it, the ability (or lack of ability) to ask for money is often the key difference between a successful and unsuccessful business long term.

Jason Zook is pretty damned good at asking for money. In this interview on Founder FM, he shows us how you can ask money for almost anything. Selling your name? Yep, you can get money for that. Writing a book? Yep, you can sell sponsorships for that. Wearing a T-Shirt? Yep, Jason made a million $ bucks asking people for money to do that.

Often what stands between you and your next success is asking for money. You may end up doing it half-heartedly. You baulk at the price. You shy at the value proposition or you just plain forget to ask. If that’s the case, this interview with Jason will reignite your enthusiasm to ask. How do you do it? Who do you ask? Listen in to learn Jason’s different approaches.

Jason Zook is a man with an ability to turn crazy ideas into money. He sold his last name (twice). He made $100,000 selling sponsorship to his book “Creativity for Sale”. And, most famously, he made $1m wearing t-shirts (described by one publication as “the 6th Least Impressive Way Anyone Ever Got Rich.”)

But Jason’s comfortable with the criticism. As a kid, he moved school so many times he got used to that feeling of being the “new boy” in the lunch hall. Many entrepreneurs still haven’t got over that showstopping fear of rejection. Jason Zook, however, has learned to roll with it. Whether it’s amassing over 12 million views on his Youtube channel or selling his future (his current project), Jason shares with us tips and advice for us entrepreneurs who are afraid to put ourselves in the spotlight and ask.