Hi, My Name’s Graham Brown and I’m a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

So What, Exactly, is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

A Lifestyle Entrepreneur, as I defined here at Up.School, is a business owner who wants to earn $100,000+ a year doing what he or she loves. That’s the ultimate ticket to creative and financial freedom.

I am a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. For many years I was a traditional startup entrepreneur growing profitable businesses. It wasn’t until I exited my last business in 2012, sold up and traveled the world for 3 years with my family did I realize what was possible.

Who or What Influenced the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Movement?

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs have been around for centuries but it’s really the advent of the internet that shook things up and turned them from being an “alternative lifestyle” to the best choice for people who value creative and financial freedom.

I can’t talk about Lifestyle Entrepreneurs without mentioning these books too that helped shape the movement:

I’m Passionate About Helping Entrepreneurs Like You Achieve Creative and Financial Freedom

That’s why I built Up.School – to help you learn the tips, techniques and strategies to turn your ideas into reality, to turn your dreams into a profitable business.

I define Lifestyle Entrepreneurs as business owners who want to earn $100,000+ a year doing what they love. That’s the ultimate ticket to freedom. To find out how you can get started, check out my courses here on Up.School ->

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How Do You Become a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

That’s what I teach here at Up.School on my Entrepreneur Upgrade course.

My Escape Plan

Here’s the structure of what I teach in my courses… My Escape Plan for lifestyle entrepreneurs to achieve creative and financial freedom.