(FFM56) Steve Feiner: Left Best Job in the World to Build a Better Florist

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Steve Feiner: In 30 Words

Meet Steve Feiner, ex-Googler, now turned entrepreneur hoping to grow his flower delivery business in a $2.5 billion market opportunity. In this interview we talk about why he decided to leave the best job in the world to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.


Steve Feiner: Introduction

In this episode, we meet startup entrepreneur Steve Feiner. He won first place at the Tech in Asia Road to Jakarta, was named one of the most promising startups to look out for in 2016 by Vulcan Post. Been featured in a while host of publications from TechCrunch, Huff Post, e27, Forbest,Venture Beat… we only have 40 minutes to talk… the list goes on… We’re going to talk about life after Google, doing the hard work of building a physical retail business across Asia and ex-girlfirliends…

Steve Feiner in his own words

Before A Better Florist, I worked in San Francisco for Google as a Senior Associate for Global Business Strategy, then moved to the Singapore office with a new position as Problem Solver. I am experienced in analytics, market analysis, business analysis, strategy and data optimisation. I also have previous experience in Healthcare, Medical Devices, Energy, Consumer Products, Telecom, Education and Services.