(FFM55) Sam Marks: How to Make Over $100 Million in Online Sales

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Sam Marks: In 30 Words

With 4 business exits in 8 years and over $100 million in online sales, Sam Marks’ advice carries serious weight. We talk about his success formula and how he grows and sells businesses.


Sam Marks: Introduction

In this episode, we meet startup entrepreneur Sam Marks. Sam Marks is an entrepreneur with an impressive track record. 4 exits in 8 years, with projects generating over $100 million in online sales. You would think that was enough to put your feet up and enjoy a retirement, but not Sam Marks. He’s constantly pushing on, seeking the next adventure. In this interview we talk about Sam’s formula for success, including the importance of being mentored by leaders in your field, what it takes to grow and sell a business, as well as his nomadic lifestyle, living and working between multiple continents.

Sam Marks show notes

Sam Marks: In his own words

I am an entrepreneur and inventor concentrating on scalable, high-growth start-ups. I design useful products and services that help people operate more efficiently and lead healthier lifestyles. A marketer by trade, my projects have generated over $150M in Internet sales since 2008, with 3 resulting in MM acquisitions including SKYCIG, Bookt, and College.com.

I view business as the ultimate sport… well, second only to ping pong. I love collaborating with like-minded people and developing meaningful projects that create solutions to everyday problems. I travel constantly, typically 25+ countries a year investigating opportunities and to get gain a better understanding the global marketplace.