(FFM40) How Ai Ching Goh Profitably Grew Piktochart to 5 Million Users without Investment

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Ai Ching Goh: In 30 Words

Ai Ching Goh is the co-founder and CEO of Piktochart. Piktochart is a design based web app with over 5 million users. In this interview, Ching talks about how they grew Piktochart to profitability without external investment from day one.

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Ai Ching Goh: Introduction

Most startups fail in their first year. So to both make it through year 1 and make it through year 1 profitably and without any external investment is a big achievement. That’s the startup Ai Ching Goh, or Ching as we know her, is building. You may have heard of Piktochart already.

It’s a graphic design website that enables users to build everything from charts to infographics. Piktochart is a web app offering users without intensive graphic design experience to easily create professional-grade infographics and other communication materials. So popular is Piktochart, they now have over 5 million users.

Ching’s going to tell us how, after a number of ideas that didn’t make it past stage 1, they arrived at the idea of building Piktochart, how they’re building a team of nearly 60 people out of their base in Penang, Malaysia and how they’re doing this all without spending on outbound marketing. Curious how she does it? Bet you are, stick around for the next 45 minutes as we talk to Piktochart CEO and founder, Ai Ching Goh.

Ai Ching Goh Video